Finance Tools


Online Tools

Online Tools

Mature Firm Valuation

Continuing Value

Estimate the value of a mature firm in five simple steps. This is a simple yet powerful tool to get a first rough assessment of the financial value of any company with a fairly stable business.

Term Sheet Wizard

Deal Structuring

Let us analyze your term sheet. Comprehensive report on the financial and ownership terms of standard VC term sheets, along with negotiation recommendations.

Risk Premium for SME

Cost of Capital

Investments into Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME) are generally riskier than investments into large listed firms. Quickly assess the additional risk premium an investment in a specific SME justifies.

SAFE Analysis

Deal Structuring

See how a Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE), an innovative startup financing instrument, works and how it affects the ownership structures in future financing rounds.

WACC Estimation

Cost of Capital

Estimate the WACC of your company under the current and the target capital structure. 

Anti-Dilution Terms

Deal Structuring

See how different anti-dilution provisions such as full ratchet and weighted-average ratchet affect the ownership structure and the firm's capitalization table.


Excel Spreadsheets

The designated Forum section "Useful Spreadsheets" contains a detailed overview of the currently available Excel spreadsheets. A brief summary is provided below.

Finance Cockpit

Financial Analysis

Compute the key financial ratios to assess the performance and tell the financial story of your firm. 

Value VC Deals

Deal Structuring

Estimate the financial value of alternative Venture Capital financing alternatives with Preferred Stock.

Unlever Betas

Cost of Capital

Unlever and re-lever betas to reflect the target capital structure of your firm.

Betas, Preferred Stock

Cost of Capital

Unlever and re-lever betas to reflect the target capital structure of your firm with preferred stock.