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Mobile / Desktop App

You can conveniently access the learning platform of TEJU finance from your mobile device or your desktop computer. The feature rich app makes studying on-the-go much more practical. In particular, it offers powerful offline features so that you can even polish your finance skills from a remote mountain cabin or while traveling. 

Our learning platform is implemented in Moodle. To access it for the first time from your mobile device, please follow the simple steps below:​

First, download the free Moodle Mobile or Moodle Desktop app from your App Store. To do so, simply follow the links below.



Windows Desktop

Second, launch the Moodle Mobile app. You will be prompted to enter the Site address: Enter and then press Connect!

The app now connects you to our platform. On the next screen, you will be prompted to enter your Username and Password. The credentials for the mobile app are the same as for the web-based platform. Confirm by clicking Log in. If you do not yet have an account on our platform, please visit our login page to create a new account, free of charge, or simply use one of your social media accounts (Google, Facebook, or Microsoft) to access the site with a few clicks.. This will only take a minute. Once you have set up your account, proceed with the installation steps of the mobile app.

Once authenticated, you are all set.

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