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"Deal Structuring (Term Sheets)" is online

Learn how to get from the valuation of a company to the actual deal! The module "Deal Structuring (Term Sheets)" is the latest addition to our comprehensive course offering in Corporate Finance and Entrepreneurial Finance. And, as usual, full access to our course platform is free of charge.

Financial deal making is an extremely valuable instrument in the toolbox of owners, managers, and investors. Most importantly, it allows us to bridge valuation gaps, align the incentives of the deal parties, and increase the subjective valuation of the deal. Without proper structuring, many deals will fail or generate suboptimal returns.

In this module, we provide answers to the following questions that owners, managers, and investors face when structuring financial deals:

  • What are the basic principles of financial deal making?

  • Which main elements are typically addressed in a deal structure?

  • How to read Term Sheets? What do the individual clauses actually mean?

  • How do the terms of the deal determine the allocation of returns, control, and liquidity among the parties of the deal?

  • What are the implications for the valuation of the company?

  • On which key elements should founders and entrepreneurs focus when negotiating term sheets?

To read more about "Deal Structuring (Term Sheets)", please visit here.

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